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Rhett Lindsey attends the 3rd Annual SAG/AFTRA Foundation Patron Of The Artists Awards

Rhett Lindsey on the red carpet to honor Lady Gaga, Spike Lee, and Harrison Ford.

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Signs with MGMT Artists

Rhett Lindsey is the newest addition to MGMT Artists roster! He is repped by Manager- German Morales.

signed with leading southeast talent agency

  Rhett Lindsey has recently signed to People Store. One of Atlanta's premier and most reputable  talent agencies! He is represented by Head TV/Film agent Brenda Pauley. 

  He is also signed with Impact Talent Group in Los Angeles, CA and represented by Head Agent Sheba Williams.

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Interview with indieactivity

Rhett Lindsey recently sat down with Indieactivity to discuss his career so far.